A Grammar of Madurese

D. Davies, William (2010) A Grammar of Madurese. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. ISSN 0933-7636

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The influence of many people is manifested in numerous ways in the pages that follow. Eschewing time-honored tradition, I would first and foremost like to rrecognize the inestimable contribution of my family. Patty, Billy, and Kate provided vast quantities of moral and physical support. They showed great patience in the face of my sometimes inexplicable passion for this subject, actually encouraging it. They endured the absence of husband, father, coach, companion, playmate, crossword puzzle chum for a couple months each year while I was off gathering data; at least they did not complain about it very strenuously. Thanks guys, you really are the best. Surachman Dimyati introduced me to the Madurese language, first as my research assistant, later my colleague in many of these endeavors, but always as my friend, opening numerous paths both physical and otherwise for the past 15 years. Many speakers of Madurese endured my virtually unending string of strange queries, my aberrant pronunciation, and my occasional confusion with great equanimity. I am most grateful for the enthusiasm they showed for the project. All were wonderful, but deserving of special mention are Masharudin, Moh. Hasan Sasra, Ruskawi Sjah, and Sugiyono, whom were generous with their time and energy and willing to set me straight on more than one occasion. Thanks to Sri Muliyati, Sarwo Santuso, Mauliyati, Mohammad Ridwan, Laila Qodriyah Ervan, and A. Haitul Umam for their important contributions to my understanding of their language. And thanks to ‘the boys’ at the Hotel Ningrat in Bangkalan; they not only contributed linguistic and personal information through our attempts to understand one another but also made my stays on Madura all the richer (not to mention once helping me out of a jam). I’d like to thank those folks who read a chapter and sometimes much, much more as the work progressed. Jill Beckman, Stan Dubinsky, Ivan Ivanov, Kumyoung Lee, Ileana Paul, Cathie Ringen, and Roumyana Slabakova all made important suggestions, many of which found their way into this volume. In addition to reading the entire manuscript, Kumyoung provided much needed editorial assistance and frequently rescued me from my lack of mastery of the word processing software, and special thanks to Eri Kurniawan and Stan for some technical stuff. Tom Frakes whipped up some nice maps on very short notice. Bernard Comrie, who apparently drew the short straw, served as series editor for the book, providing invaluable feedback through his careful reading of the manuscript. Now adhering to time-honored tradition, I reluctantly release all of these fine folks from any responsibility for errors, shortcomings, and misapprehensions in what follows, all of which I claim as my own. Doing this kind of work can require considerable financing. The National Science Foundation (through grant number SBR 98-09044 to the University of Iowa), the Fulbright Foundation through the Fulbright-Hays program, and the United States-Indonesia Society provided much needed support. Closer to home, the University of Iowa has been extremely generous. Funding was received from the Arts and Humanities Initiative, the May Brodbeck Fellowship in the Humanities, the Obermann Center for Advanced Studies, the Stanley International Programs-Obermann Center Research Fellowship, the Social Sciences Funding Program, the College of Liberal Arts Summer Fellowship for Senior Faculty, and the Center for Asian and Pacific Studies. My sincere thanks to all.

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